Where to find the eventSub message id header?

The Twitch API EventSub documentation states that, quote

Every message includes a Twitch-Eventsub-Message-Id header.

However, I went through the headers of an eventSub message, and those are all the headers I could find:

‘node-fetch/1.0 (+https://github.com/bitinn/node-fetch)’,

The message itself contains an “id” field under “subscription”, but it is verifiably unique for each message, even if the messages are identical.

That looks like the headers returned on a outbound fetch request

Not on an inbound request from Twitch to you. Which most likely would be part of express.

if you are using express to recieve webhooks

I am using Express, however those are indeed the headers I receive with the POST request from Twitch. I… think?

This is the code I use:

app.post(‘/events’, async (req, res) => {
res.json({ statusCode: 200 })

If I try ['twitch-eventsub-message-id'] I simply get an undefined.

Am I doing something wrong?

The headers you listed in your OP are not from Twitch.

Since Twitch will send using a Go-http-client/1.1 based useragent and your headers show fetch

Example set of headers:

  host: 'REDACTED',
  'x-real-ip': 'REDACTED',
  'x-forwarded-for': 'REDACTED',
  'x-forwarded-proto': 'https',
  connection: 'close',
  'content-length': '557',
  'user-agent': 'Go-http-client/1.1',
  'content-type': 'application/json',
  'twitch-eventsub-message-id': 'b7ZqN7C4T8TBl3KWRLoA7C6bga3kf3-djGmleq6AnTw=',
  'twitch-eventsub-message-retry': '0',
  'twitch-eventsub-message-signature': 'sha256=REDACTED',
  'twitch-eventsub-message-timestamp': '2021-05-22T13:48:09.143057693Z',
  'twitch-eventsub-message-type': 'notification',
  'twitch-eventsub-subscription-is-batching-enabled': 'false',
  'twitch-eventsub-subscription-type': 'channel.follow',
  'twitch-eventsub-subscription-version': '1',
  'accept-encoding': 'gzip'

So that’s is a list of what you should get in your headers, when EventSub makes a call to you.

(x- headers are gonna vary by your server setup)

Oh, you are totally right.

I set up a proxy forwarding those messages to me, using node-fetch, a while ago and forgot about it.

Thank you.

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