Whispers with an account that lead nowhere?

I know 100% that i am new to the whole Twitch Developer thing, but i was recently contancted by somebody through a Whisper. i went to check if they had an account and no search would return anything about them on the website, They contacted me first. theyve asked me to make a reaction video to something i said on a channel that was funny. normally i wouldnt have questioned it, but even a routine search of the name brings nothing up,

Am I dealing with a Bot?

Sounds more like the user then changed their username and you can’t find them now.

And bots would still show up in search as bots are regular users

they even messaged me today from the same account? is it possible to to it back and forth that fast?

If it is a spam bot then it may also have been terminated.

I’ll keep my eye on this and as it develops, would it be okay to keep you informed on what goes on or is that frowned upon here. and the topic just ends, im kind of worried/interedted in what they are up to as, it spoke to me, responded to questions that i asked, seems to be a very advanced bot

Probably a real person then.

So no idea why the user account doesn’t show in search.

it kind of scares me, is there anything i should/can do?

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