Why Streams webhook is archived?

I found out that “Streams webhook” is archived in Trello roadmap, any reason behind this?

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Hmm, I just saw that too. I was looking forward to being able to use it in my stuff.

Wonder why they archived it?

Hey @Joseph_Chong, @rstat1!

I’m happy to report some good news on this front:

We still plan to launch this feature! The decision was made to archive the card on Trello as we do not yet have a reliable date for release. Please rest assured that Webhooks are still in the works. I wish I could give you a timeframe now, but we will definitely make an announcement when they launch!

If you have any other questions, I’m more than happy to reach out to the teams responsible to find the answer. :smile_cat:

— Amorelandra


It would be useful to have explanations like this added to the trello board items when they are archived to save people having to search for it in the forums.
I had assumed it was being cancelled for a reason we would never know until i stumbled upon this post.

@julusian, you’re absolutely right!

I’m super new to my role here at Twitch (Developer Advocate), but I can tell you that this is something I plan to help streamline.

I welcome any additional feedback as to how we’d like to see these things communicated.


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If Streams webhook can’t even be considered “In Progress” or “Exploring” (Trello board), hopefully the new API’s endpoints will be fleshed out a bit in the near future so people can start moving off of the deprecated v5.

Would you consider moving the card to a new list like “backlog” or something similar, so it indicates the actual state of the feature? Archiving doesn’t really help anyone I guess.


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