2-step Help please

I will try to explain this the best I can. I’ve had my account for quite some time and decided to stream. I went through all of the processes and ENABLED 2 step verification. It showed ENABLED on my account. I went to get my stream key and it told me I had to enable 2 step even though I already had it enabled. So I clicked on it and put my number in once again and… It comes up with an error. I tried it so many times it ended up locking my account for a day. This was yesterday mind you and it’s still locked. I tried a different number with the same process and it came out the exact same. On top of all of this I sent an E-mail to twitch and all I get is a bot reply. I am pulling my hair out trying to be able to stream and I would love it if someone could help me out please and thank you!

This is the third party developers forum.

Sadly we cannot help you with first party 2FA issues.

For more help on the matter please visit


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