2FA for extensions?

Don’t get me wrong I like 2FA, but for someone who doesn’t have a cell phone number which is required for Twitch’s 2FA system this is horrible.

Why can’t you just use Google Authentication!

Because of recovery possibilities with Authy and it’s support for multi-platform so you can always recover them or have them at hand. On another side note you can move all your items from Google Authentication to Authy, as Authy supports TOTP as well, so you have only one app to use instead of two.

Authy requires a phone number which I don’t have.

Twitch shouldn’t assume everyone has a phone.

It might seem silly, but if necessary you could use a Google voice # / etc get a usable number. Even as just a temporary solution to allow you to begin testing your extensions.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I was able to find a solution. :grinning: