Adding Bits Products without using the Rig


Due to intermittent problems with the rig and my VPN (I work in China), it’s really difficult to add Bits products to my Extension. Is there a way to manage Bits products within the dashboard instead? It seems a bit weird to me anyway to have to set up the whole rig to do this - it’s natural place surely is in the the dashboard?

These errors happen such that I can no longer manage Bits products (they occur a few seconds after I click “Manage Bits Products” from the Rig menu:

Currently, this is only available via the Developer Rig. Not much we can do about Twitch now being blocked in China…

I understand Twitch is blocked in China (it always was but nobody picked up on it properly) but I can access everything over VPN most of the time. I’ll add it as an RFC for the Twitch Dev team to put that into the dashboard.

Hey @Tak_Fung, thanks for the feedback. We are planning to move the product catalog into the dashboard, but that probably won’t happen this year unfortunately. Can you send me a DM with your contact details and, while the dev rig is the fastest and easiest way, I can try to find a way to get you what you need.

Thanks so much - sending DM!

I think I fixed it myself but would like someone from Twitch to verify - basically in line 98 of api.ts in I commented out the “&& response.products.length” so it doesn’t throw an error when there is 0 products, it seems to work ok now…but would like a confirm. :slight_smile: Edit: Looking at the source history - looks like its a legit bug!

Thank you for your report. I will remove the offending code from the Developer Rig.

I’m having the same issue in North America.

Looks like the PR was merged, but I’m still getting the same error.

Have you tried logging in and out? Also stick a breakpoint in the line mentioned above (or put some console.log) and see what the returned product array is like. Also maybe check the error output. basically it should never hit the Throw at the end of the function if the returned response has a product array in it.