Editing Products for Bits Enabled Extension

Hey there.

As far as I can see, the Dev-Rig is the only way to edit products used by a bits enabled extension.
Is there really no other way or did I just miss something?

'Cause I don’t really use or need the Dev-Rig, so I’d only have to install it for that one purpose - which wouldn’t be that much of a deal if the installation wouldn’t fail when trying to download the first dependancy (OpenSSL, tried on a Windows VM).

In a perfect world I could just build my own tool using the API the rig uses… any chances to get at least a reference on how to call the endpoints? How much trouble would I be in if I just reverse it from the rig and still build my own tool?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Currently as far as I know, the Dev-Rig is the only way to manage bits-enabled products.

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