Android - Embed twitch stream in webview

I’m working on a projekt for Abios Gaming AB and are trying to embed twitch streams into an Android application. In theory it’s easy, but all Android devices doesn’t support flash. So my questions is:
Is there any streaming format that doesn’t need flash?
How does the twitch application work without flash?

Streams should nowadays be accessible with HLS, try

HLS doesn’t work well after 4.2.x, so making an app which will not work on new devices aren’t really the greatest option. The twitch application work on phones that doesn’t support neither so there should be another way around.

@Josmomo is right, there is no way to actually embed the HLS streams in aWebView. I really wonder what method the Twitch android app uses.

@Sunspots If we had access to the m3u8 HLS playlists with the various quality transcoded streams, we could use the VideoView

Note that this method is not supported and could be considered a violation of the terms of service since you are bypassing necessary systems like ads.