Grab Live Stream and Use Third Party program to Play it

Is there anyway I can make a call to the api and grab a url or something that I can use to embed the video of the livestream directly into a program that I am making? Like in Java or something. Thanks!

If you can open a webview, you can use or to embed a player.

Would you know how to include this in non-web based program? Like a desktop client program?

Some notes: the first URL is serving up the Flash player, the second one is the shiny new’ish HTML5 version.

Depends on how you design said application. If you can embed either a Flash player or an HTML rendering engine (which is how we did ours, using Qt widgets), then it’s simply a matter of coding in some ‘put this object inside this widget.’ Either method, however, is really beyond the scope of these forums and should probably be addressed elsewhere.

I’m currently using Java do design my program, do you know of any HTML rendering libraries for Java?

No, unfortunately. I haven’t used Java in many, many years and now I’m a Golang and C++ kinda guy. Your best bet would be on a Java-specific forum.

Yeah I posted a question on stackoverflow about it. Thanks! :smile:

  1. They both serve flash players. One just has the newer UI, while the other hasn’t been updated to the new UI (it’s still in beta testing).

  2. We do not support downloading our video streams in any way other than an iframe embed.

Indeed. I should have been a little clearer on that. Good catch.

Is there any other video format I can grab for a stream? I can’t find a library in Java that can livestream a flash player and embed it in Swing. :frowning:

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