API Key Question

What exactly do we need for the OAuth Redirect URI portion of the application?

The oAuth dance occurs as follows:

  1. User goes to your website
  2. User clicks login
  3. Send user to Twitch
  4. User auths the app
  5. User is redirected to the specified URL
  6. You grab the code and exchange it for a token
  7. You use the token for API Requests.

For your question I assume you refer to the step 5 redirect URL. That would be the page that is expecting a ?code=foo to perform the login functions and code/token exchange.

So that would be page on your website. https://example.com/somecallback for example

We’re trying to get access to the API currently, we don’t have a website set up.
https://dev.twitch.tv/dashboard/apps/create. On this site, the 2nd portion is what we have question on.

Contains the notes about obtaining keys.

If you don’t intend to make use of authentication as documented here https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/authentication/#getting-tokens

And only need a ClientID for API requests enter http://localhost/ as the redirectURI

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