Application management through Twitch Dev Console is completely broken

As above, any attempts to update or create new applications on Twitch Developers silently fails, throwing a GraphQL error in the console, making it impossible to manage my applications/extensions.

Make sure you are not using any reserved words in your name (such as Twitch)
And you might be using a name that someone else is already using.

Thats the most common hiccup here, and the UI doesn’t surface the error properly.
It also seems that there was an issue recently allowing “bad/duplicate names” from being used which is why updates are failing

Thanks, it seems I was using a reserved word in my name.
Agreed, would be nice if the UI fed this back.

Hi !

I try to create application streamweasels for wordpress.
I don’t use “twitch” in my application name and i try many time to log in/log out and it doesn’t work.

I have those two errors in my console :

Does anyone have another solution, please?

Thanks in advance.

It could be that name is already in use, try choosing a different name for your app.

OMG thanks a lot it works !
Sorry for the inconvenience ^^’