Automatic host by api

There’s a function to host another channel thought API?


This can only be done using the host command via IRC.

So it can be automated via Chat bot, but not via a HTTP/API call

tks…and chat bot i can use via API?

In order to host a chatbot would send the host command to Chat.

A chatbot can make HTTP requests to the Twitch API.

A chatbot is an IRC bot essentially.

Your question is unclear

ok, i want to make a auto host channel site.
as you said i cant make it via API only as a command in a chatbot.
i want a way to send this command via chatbot automated.
can i send a command to chatbot via API?

Not via the Twitch API no. There is no mechanism to send a command to your chat bot via the TwitchAPI

You have to create a chatbot and then you can talk to your chatbot however you want

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ok, tks for the support

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