AWS Main Chat Disconnect

As was mentioned in the main AWS move thread.

There are cases of Spontaneous disconnect

PHP Warning:  socket_read(): unable to read from socket [104]: Connection reset by peer [hidden]
PHP Warning:  socket_write(): unable to write to socket [32]: Broken pipe in [hidden]

This again occurred at 10:51 BST today.

My bots were receiving Chat into their respective chat logs, and then suddenly stopped.

So I appear to be ping/ponging correctly, but something appears to have Shutdown the Connection (IRC Port 6667), from the Twitch AWS side.

I suppose in theory it could be Twitch dropping a server out of the load balancer and not shunting my connection to a active chat server behind the LB. But thats just a theory.

Try a different IP I had a similar situation just a few moments ago. I changed to and everything is back to normal.

I’m on the IRC end point deliberately at this time.

Also thread this was followed up elsewhere…

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