Ban evading blocking + new mod tira

I think that twitch should add 2 new things an Ip’s channel only ban for streamers also i think they should be a 2nd tira mod what could Ip ban as well call super mod
tira 2 mod should get IP ban and /mod and /unmod
tira 1 should be the same as it is now.

This a forum for 3rd party developers, suggestions should go to

As for what you suggested though, IP bans wont work to stop ban evasion. It’s trivial to change your IP, between ISPs that let you do it within a minute, to browser extensions that let you do it instantly at the click of a button, it will have minimal impact on ban evasion.

Something that would be more effective would be hostmask bans with wildcards, but 1. to do that would mean revealing the users hostmask to the mod, which Twitch is never going to allow. and 2. very easy to ban too wide a range of users, which would negatively impact the channel.

These sorts of tools are best in the hands of Twitch admins rather than channel mods, and there are even rules against ban evasion that you can report a user for. Sadly Twitch rarely enforce rules, but that seems to be more of an issue of lack of staff rather than lack of tools to do so.

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