Changes needed to deal with abuse by banned users from channels

We have a banned user on Zombie Barricades channel, Bob_Lukes12; who has created dozens of accounts to come in and repeatedly troll the channel and badmouth the streamer since he has been banned; he has also started abusing whisper to harass mods and send the links to cheats to channel viewers.

  1. Twitch needs to allow a channel to block whispers from anyone who is timed out or banned on a channel to viewers of that channel.

  2. Twitch needs an option to totally ban a user from a channel preventing them not only from chatting but from even viewing the stream in question.

  3. twitch needs to come up with a GUID style system for bans to make it harder for banned users to simply create a another new account.

  4. Twitch needs to bring back the /alert command for channel owners and editors, to alert online Global Mods/Twitch Admin for assistance in dealing with situations like these.

  1. There are changes coming on that front, though removing whispers from the channel is probably not it as it would defeat the point of whispers.
  2. The user could simply log out and continue viewing.
  3. The web platform doesn’t offer much on that front that couldn’t easily be changed by the user.
  4. Reporting users/channels exists to draw admins’ attention to ToS-breakers. Ban evasion is something to report.

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