Bespoke Unity Integration Utilising the REST API

Hi I’ve rummaged around on the REST API and thrown some calls at the endpoints and feel confident I can integrate the value of reading subscription, follower and possibly chat data into a unity game (or several) either as my own development or as a unity plugin for others to implement in their own games.

I am using the Auth2 system outlined in the Impicit Grant Flow model of authentication and implementing requests using the token provided, parsing the JSON outputs into usable c# contracts in game. I highlight this is only intended as an aid for streamers in game and will not involve any sort of integration to your video broadcasting systems, purely retrieving information from the stream, channel, chat endpoints via kraken. It will even have versioning for future updates when I’m done.

I noticed a lot of confusion and some possibly out dated posts regarding how to integrate, and whether one should and felt It worth tipping my hat toward the REST API and highlighting a possible route for 3rd parties wishing to integrate with windows forms and c# environments especially ala unity. Although twitch PC SDK has been decipricated,I hope us thick client / gamedevs are welcome to utilise this new approach when retrieving data.


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