Twitch API access token response into Unity?

I am trying to allow a user to login to my game using Twitch.It works flawlessly on my website but I can’t get my head round to making it with my Unity game. The problem is that Twitch API uses a redirect URL to transport the login’s access token response. My webserver can have a page to receive this but Unity cannot. I’m kinda stuck trying to work out how to solve this.

Any thoughts appreciated.

I’d do the auth on your website.

And your unity game connects to your website to collect the Twitch Auth to use, or the website proxies the events.

So for example,

Doom Eternal has a Bethesda login, which logs into Bethesda system.
You go to the Bethesda website, and you link your Twitch Account to your Bethesda account.

Doom checks the Bethesda server via the Bethesda login to check Twitch Prime rewards status.

So, your game logs into your server, and the server holds the connection data/account associations

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