Boolean PRIVMSG tags should not be included if they are false (0)

With the introduction of “vip” tag to PRIVMSGs, which only shows up if the user is a vip, I have been wondering why it is not the same case with the other boolean tags.

It only makes sense, that how the vip tag is handled is how all the other boolean tags should be; It reduces the message size, and it remains simple to parse (tags include “vip” == user is vip). Plus, the ratio of the tags "first-msg", "mod", "returning-chatter", and "turbo" being true to false in all channels combined is probably 1:100 or above ¯_(ツ)_/¯

If it’s a matter of “Compatability” and not breaking current parsers or Twitch applications, then I would say it’s probably the best time to do this, since most will already have to deal with the deprecation of chat commands through IRC.

I’m interested to hear what other developers think about this!

Subscriber is the same.

To me it doesn’t matter as I use badges to determine role instead of these booleans.
So mod/subscriber/vip booleans I just ignore.

So I parse the badges into a object and test for the present of the vip key in the badges object.

So the presence/non presense is irrelevant to me

I floated this as a query - VIP boolean tag is inconsistent with mod and other "common" tags · Issue #668 · twitchdev/issues · GitHub

Sure would be “nicer” if faley tags omiited to save a smidge of bandwidth. But irrelevant to me either way

To me, it does matter. I utilize said tags to determine if the user is vip, mod, etc. I think it’s important to be consistent - imo the way vips is handled currently is the best case scenario.

agreed hence hte GitHub

if the tag is not present then they don’t have that rank/role.

That’s the thing, the tag is always present with mods and subs. Why waste sending/receiving the information when we can just omit it entirely when the user is not a moderator or subscriber?

Asking the wrong person. I’m just saying doesn’t bother me either way.
Probably some technical reason from legacy systems or something, if I was to theorize. (Or somethign queued to look at after command dreprecation)

Further discussion should be on the linked github where someone else added the documentation that states how it works and technically is correct. Since the docs says it’s a removed tag if not a VIP.

Though I wonder if this really falls under uservoice as a feature request to reduce chat bandwidth usage

+1 To keeping this new standard of omitting a tag if it’s not present, I don’t need to know if a user is not something, I only need to know if they are.

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