Possible PRIVMSG tag documentation difference/bug

In the above documentation for PRIVMSG tags, there’s a “message” property, but I don’t see it sent in the tags for my bot. I also noticed it’s not being sent in this topic from last year:

Just wanted to give a heads up, or it might be something I’m doing wrong on my end.

The “message” tag is not a tag, it’s the message of the PRIVMSG at the end of the example line:

@badges=;color=;display-name=;emotes=;id=;mod=;room-id=;subscriber=;tmi-sent-ts=;turbo=;user-id=;user-type= :!@.tmi.twitch.tv PRIVMSG # :

I believe “message” has been included in the table in error

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It refers to the <message> placeholder in the example:

It is not a tag, but the “trailing” part of the IRC command.

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Makes sense! Thank you guys for clarifying!

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