Can one still whitelist Bots for whispers?

Hey guys.

First of all: English isn’t my mothertongue so sorry for any mistakes I make!
Yesterday I tried a new feature to my bot. In the past you had to visit the bots channel to ask for your viewtime, coins etc. Now I wanted to whisper this information to the users so they don’t need to go to the other channel all the time. In the beginning it worked fine but after ~10min it stopped working. I can see that the bot still tries to whisper to people but the message seems to get lost on its way. Some days ago I used the formula to enter the whitelist so my bot won’t get banned but it seems it didn’t work or maybe I just have to be a little bit more patient?! It would be cool getting whitelisted. My bot does only whisper if you whisper him first and ask for your statistics. I would really appreciate if one can still get whitelisted.
Thank you very much in advance for your answers. :smile:

Thank you very much matt. That’s the document I signed in. So maybe I just need to be a little bit more patient. I hope the ‘ban’ will be removed when the bot gets whitelisted :smile:

Hey Guys!
2 weeks have passed till I signed in and it still doesn’t seem to work.
Maybe there is a dev who can tell me if the Bot has already been whitelisted yet?
Currently the bot is able to send whisper Commands for some minutes until he tries to send whispers but they don’t reach the person.
I am using the following code to whisper: PRIVMSG #jtv :/w [username] [message]
Is that correct or do I get banned because I use it wrong?!
I hope you can help me :slight_smile:

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