Box art not on our game directory after multiple attempt


We are working on a launch for a new IP at Gameloft. I have summited multiple forms to get the box art uploaded for our game and tried to claim the game to access it on the dev portal but none of my attempts worked. Would any of you have other solutions I could try?

Giant Bomb:
Twitch Directory:
Imgur (600x800 image):

Thank you,

Hi Francisco,

When did you claim the game on the dev portal, and through what organization? Happy to help here.


I’ve claimed the game on the dev portal on July 10th, used my personal account for the process but registered the game under Gameloft.

Are you in the Gameloft account? What’s your Twitch username?

I’m not, my twitch user is ciscomd.

Looking around and I’m not sure we own a central account.

Quick update, got added to the Gameloft organization and I have access under ciscomd now.

Great- I just added it to the Gameloft account so you should be able to update the boxart now. Glad that was relatively easy now!

Resolved! Thank you so much for your help.


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