Whitelisting whispers on my bot

Hey, I just installed AnkhBot and tried betting system on it in my stream, and I think it got whisper banned (or something like that), so is there way to get my bot whitelisted on whispers?

Okay let me make this clearer:
My bot need whispers so people get to know how much of currency they have. It’s impossible to keep on track if 100+ people spam currency check on chat and bot do not whisper the answer to them.

I do not know how many whispers bot will send per stream, it depends on how many viewers I have, how many bets I set per stream and/or how many viewer just wants to know how much of currency they have. I get anywhere around 100 to 500 viewers per stream.

Bots username is kaljab0t (0 = zero)

There is a whisper limit in Twitch that I believe cannot be overwritten. Whitelisted or not. The whitelist merely, to the best of my knowledge, keeps the Twitch algorithm that is detecting spam-bots from detecting your bot. The whisper limits are (last I read) 100 per minutes, burst of 3 in a second. The bot that I work on takes this into consideration and internally rate limits the output for that reason. However, Twitch Staff and other developers may know better than I.

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