Can't connect to pubsub with oauth token?

I’m writing a program in C# that monitors cheer donations.

I am able to use my program to get an oauth token. The response from is as follows:

{"access_token":<my access token>,
 "refresh_token":<my refresh token>,
"scope": ["channel_read"]}

Now if I’m not mistaken, as explained in the pubsub documentation, channel-bits-events-v1 needs to be appended with a channel ID, so I get the channel ID using Get Channel. (The documentation states that the url is supposed to be, but this simply gives me 404 errors returns a valid response, so I’m trying to use the latter.) Method is GET, Client-ID header is the same as the Client ID I used to retrieve the oauth token, and the Authorization header follows the proper format using the oauth token retrieved above. This returns a proper response in the format outlined in the documentation. I use the _id parameter to create a Topic for a pubsub websocket message.

I am sending this string to wss://

{"type":"LISTEN","data":{"topics":["channel-bits-events-v1.<ID retrieved from Get Channel>"],"auth_token":<access token retrieved in oauth object and used in Get Channel>}}

It’s connecting, it responds to ping, I send that JSON string in the first 10 seconds, but I only receive a blank error message in return:


I am building this for somebody else but testing in my own channel, and as I am not a partner I do not have cheer enabled. Is this the expected behaviour since I can’t have bit events in my own channel or am I missing something here?

Yes, this is the expected behaviour. No error message means it worked.

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Wonderful, thank you so much for the response. I’ve been struggling so much with websockets that i’ve got no idea what to expect.

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