How can I get oAuth Token for PubSub

I am trying to listen to channel activities using PUBSUB API. I am constantly getting ERR_BADAUTH. Upon research, I came to know that I am providing the my user oAuth token instead of channel oAuth token (whose events I am trying to listen to). How can I generate or listen to recent activities of a channel using WebSockets if have the channel ID?

To get an OAuth token for a channel you need to have the broadcaster of that channel go through your OAuth flow

This will give you a token for their channel. If you’re attempting to access Pubsub topics that require a certain scope then you’ll have to request them during that OAuth process.

I am requesting the scopes during oAuth process, the only thing is my end user can subscribe to any channel they want and it means that I don’t have a control over getting an oAuth token from streamer.

If pubsub requires oAuth from third party channel then is there a way to get list of recent events to a specific channel if I have its channel id?

It depends what events you need. Joining Twitch chat will give you some events when they happen, for other things you may want to look into a webhook for the streams endpoint.

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