Cant get client ID?

When I go to docs, I see i need to go to “connection tab”. There I see “developer applications (not sure about this translate)” - last section.

There is nothing more then link to So I am back at docs I read at the beggining?
What to do?

Same here. Looks like how we generate Client IDs was moved without the documentation being updated to reflect this change. It looks like we now need to become an authorized developer for this. Problem for myself is I am an independent developer who just wants to make a twitch overlay application that needs to use the PubSub feature and needs to Auth for that. The authorization form isn’t setup for independent people and expects a company, the company URL, a company email, and what games you are integrating into twitch.

We’re working to get developer application creation fixed right now. Sorry for the blip!


Should be back now!

On the developer docs site ( I can find the apps on my dashboard.

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