Can't I use Svelte when I make the Twitch Extension panel?

I am trying to make a Twitch Extension panel using Svelte.
However, Twitch found out that obfuscating the Code would reject it.
Svelte’s built js files are not generally human-readable codes, so if I make and submit an extension panel using Svelte, will it be rejected unconditionally?

Twitch would likely ask you to submit the raw files and the building insturcionts.

Minification is usually fine but obstifucation can be an issue.
So if you can jsut minify only instead, that can help

Thank you so much for your quick reply!
I have one more question.

The image below is a js file built from Svelte Project to Vite Bundler with “minify” option disabled.
Can these codes also be rejected in the examination?

No idea until you go for review and see what the review team says

You can minify but mangle is where the “problems” occur