Obfuscation Request

Our extension is minified, so every time during the review process we are being asked to provide the un-minified un-obfuscated code.

Is there a way we can submit this the same time we submit a new version for review, so we can speed this process up?

Thank you

Include the non minified version in the zip you upload

Include a note in your review notes that you did this.

That is what I do

Thanks Barry.

I thought that the zip we submit must have a very clear structure, but good to know.
We will do that from now on!

I tend to put the JS In the same place as the minified.
But if I don’t I will note in my review notes that I put it in another folder.

Yeah generally you should keep the zip as “small” as possible, but the non minified JS in another sub folder is generall fine, as is the same folder.

Not much worth in trying to “hide” your non minified versions since anyone good with JS can unminify JS, just means the vars might be jankified.

Twitch wants the “clean” unminified for better comparison between minifified/unminified and use minified to unminfied programs are not 100% clear.

Barry the reason of minifying is not for hiding the code, but to reduce the size of the extension.
Thanks for the tip though, I didn’t know this is something we can do, we will do so on from now on then!

Oh indeed. I was just thinking about both use cases for minification! Since minification generaly mangles too! So it gets messy when you unminify sometimes, so Twitch doesn’t go that route and bumps for the pre minified version.

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Another option - you don’t have to wait until they request the un-minified un-obfuscated code. The google doc to upload is the same each time, so just plug in your details as normal. So if you want to, you can upload the code as soon as you make your review request.

We do this for our extension and we have not had any requests nor issue with the transpiled vs source code.

I personally would prefer my source not being in a public folder in my extension folder (even if it is not obvious as to the location), though if you dislike the manual google doc process, you have that option too.