CAP REQ membership still down?

Previous thread closed in ~February CAP REQ still not listing OP status. Are there updates?

Looks more like it went down again rather than not been working the whole time.

You are better off testing a users badges for the presence of the mod badge (of whatever) instead of relying on op status

that is an option sure, but i really hate decoding parse lines. and to the point that has been made that its more reliable? i think not, there has been so many subscriber/tier/gift/ect updates to it, id prefer to rely on something thats not supposed to change.

However the reply is appriciated.

According to Twitch the officially supported way to read Mod status (or other role status) is to parse badges.

OP’s only exist as a remnant of Twitch’s IRC support. TMI is Twitch Messaging Interface which has a vaguely IRC Client compatible interface.

It’s not IRC, it just uses some of the Spec.

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