Channel Search - Results Inconsistent

I’ve been using the API to search for streams, specifically live streams of speed runs … and the results are inconsistent to say the least.

  • When I search for “speed”, I would except to get back everything that contains the word speed, like: speedrun, speedruns, speedy, speedcheese, etc.
  • When I search for “speedrun”, I would expect to get back streams that include speedruns
  • When I search for “run”, I would expect to get back speedrun results, but I only get back Runescape streams

This is not the case however. When I search for “speedruns”, then “speedrun”, a bunch of streams fall off the results, even though they do contain “speedrun”. Am I doing something wrong? Or is there a way to tweak my query to get back all the results that contain the query word?


i guess the endpoint you are referring to is this one?

So “A stream is returned if the query parameter is matched entirely or partially, in the channel description or game name.” should answer your question, i guess the channels you find have it in their description, the others dont.

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