Channel/videos incorrect or out of date?

Im using the twitch api to grab the latest videos for my channel but its not updating?

Its still at exactly the same amount of videos as when i pulled months ago.

it returns 32 videos when i have 51 on my channel?

What’s the URL that’s returning unexpected results?

Well im using PetterKraabol/laravel-twitch-api but it must be working as its pulling the results.

this is the line that sends the request in the

return $this->sendRequest(‘GET’, ‘channels/’.$channel.’/videos’, false, $options, $availableOptions);

i’ve tried all the options

By default /channels/:channel/videos returns only highlights. You have to use broadcasts=true to return past broadcasts instead. It’ll only return one or the other.

so although i tried

    $options = [
    'limit' => 100,
    'broadcasts' => true,

$videos = TwitchApi::channelVideos('mychannel', $options,['broadcasts' => true]);


still returns the same results Thanks


I had to set true as ‘true’ atrangely.

Thanks you for your help this has been so helpful

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