Channels/followers giving me empty data

According to the doc, If I only supply the broadcaster_id, it will give me a list of followers. However if I supply user_id, it will show this user if they follow the broadcaster.

On the right side there’s example showing with broadcaster_id only, you get a list of array, but with user_id added, you get an empty array as data

So, I only supplied the broadcaster_id, I’m only getting empty array as data, why is that?
Thank you so much for help

You do not have moderator:read:followers on the token used to call this endpoint

Or (the token has the scope and) the user in the token is not a moderator for 96001457/Sunefirst

If you do not have the scope (or are not a mod) then only the total is returned.

If you are authorised to see whom follows (with the scope and being a mod or better) then the data array will be populated

Requires a user access token that includes the moderator:read:followers scope. The ID in the broadcaster_id query parameter must match the user ID in the access token or the user must be a moderator for the specified broadcaster. If a scope is not provided, only the total follower count will be included in the response.

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Ahhhhh I see. thank you! sorry I am new to Twitch API and Twitch in general.

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