Get Channel Followers

Based on this Reference | Twitch Developers, there should be no need to add scope moderator:read:followers since I’m not using user_id but only using broadcaster_id.

But without the mentioned scope I’m getting empty array for data.

Is this a bug or documentation is incomplete.

Seems on the first paragraph, scope is required with/without use of user_id.
Just that the documentation is a bit confusing.
Please close this.

A broadcaster is a moderator of their own channel

This is is working as intended, though we will review the documentation to evaluate if there is a way to make it clearer.

To expand on Barry’s response, a scope starting with “moderator:” means that moderators can also access this data in addition to the broadcaster. The scope is still required if you are calling on behalf of the broadcaster as they need to grant an application authorization to access their follower information.

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