Charity donation with on screen display

Hi everyone, I’m pretty new to the Twitch format and I want to run some charity streams at some point in the future and was wondering what the best way to do it would be. Could I set-up a button which takes them to the charity’s website? Or is there a way of doing it through Twitch some how? In the case of the former, would there be a way of displaying the donation information on the stream?

I’ve looked into it and the closest thing I can find is setting up a JustGiving page, but from what I can tell there’s no way of integrating/displaying the donation information on screen. I know about Extra Life and have looked at it, but it doesn’t include any of the charities that I am looking to raise money for.

I’m assuming there’s some kind of system in place that ensures that the money is actually going to charity and things to fill out?

Thanks in advance

JustGiving have their own API which you can use to retrieve donation data, so what you could do is have a JustGiving page for the charity you want to raise money for, poll the API for new donations and when there is a donation you can either use that yourself to create an alert on screen, or use another service that manages alerts such as StreamLabs that allows you to generate alerts using the donation information from the JustGiving API.

Depends on the charity.

Talk to the charity, they might turn round and say “hey, we would like you to do this using that”.

Some charities have systems or API’s already in place.

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