Chatbot randomly stops receiving messages for different periods of time

I have my bot written with tmi.js, it works, but at random points stops receiving messages for N amounts of time, and then fixes itself as well. No disconnects, no errors, nothing. Curiously, it also still sends messages fine and does so on the set schedule. Also can not respond to “!” commands due to not seeing the messages.

I tried copying the tmi.js example from the documentation (as shown here). Same issue does occur.

The bot is running for 3-4 streamers, usually only 1 chat active at a time (and very small), so no way it can surpass any limits. It does have logic to prevent command spam as well.

There’s a lot of code in the bot, so I can’t paste it all here. If you’ll need to see any specific parts of it, just let me know. Thanks.

Edit: One more weird behavior. The bot can see it’s own messages when it sends them.

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