Current IRC Implementation Question/Possible Suggestion


So for the last few hours I’ve been writing a scriptable/customizable IRC bot I plan on open sourcing and sharing with the Twitch (specifically League of Legends) community.
Currently, the way I see it is I have 2 options to set subscriber user permissions per channel.

  1. Create a new connection/thread/bot (not ideal at all) for every channel the bot will sit on, since the “jtv” commands do not provide a context and won’t tell me what channel the user is actually subscribed on, or
  2. Have one connection (ideal), but mix the “jtv” commands with a bit of web api to figure out the channel the user is subscribed to (not ideal).

Am I missing something here? Is there another way you guys are doing this?
Would it be possible to modify the current implementation of how jtv notifies you to just include the stream name/#channel in the query/private message? I feel like that’d be the ideal solution here.
I’d hate to have to rely on a web api to actually figure out what channel the subscriber message is coming from, and multi-threading different instances of the same bot just to connect more than once to the same network is just awful.

A few of us were discussing a possible change to the administrative message yesterday with mpoon. With the change the subscriber and presumably other message as well would be sent as a channel message to the channel instead of a user PM which would solve the context issue bot owners have. It would also benefit Twitch since it would help reduce server load.

That sounds awesome.
I know you used the word “possible” here ( :smile: ) but would it be possible for me to somehow stay up to date on this possible change without being annoying and pestering you or any of the other dev’s? Is there a public changelog or definitive to-do list somewhere, maybe even a public dev irc channel?

Lurking in the IRC channel is probably the best way. #twitch-api on Freenode.