Conflicting information regarding subscriptions

Using /channels/:CHANNEL/subscriptions/:USER endpoint, I get a response showing a user has been subbed for 5 months, but that same user has just done a chat notice for a 16 month re-sub.

I believe this to possibly be related to a change in payment method or something, but the outputs are conflicting. Could these be made to have the same output to prevent confusion? Or perhaps I’m looking at the information incorrectly. I am using the endpoints created_at field. (not the user’s created_at field)

Thank you in advance for any answers.

The created_at is from the last manual subscription, so it would suggest the user made use of the 30-day grace period to keep their then-11-month streak 5 months ago. Showing both the start of the streak and the current subscription would probably be ideal.

I assume there is not currently an endpoint that will show the original start of the streak.

There is not.

I’ve run into a similar problem, where the created_at date is shorter than the span provided in the tag. (Not really problem, just limitation I suppose?)

My ‘solution’ was to compare the two dates and if the difference was > 30 days, I would guesstimate the original sub date based off the ‘months’ param sent. It’s not entirely accurate as the true origial sub date can be +/- 15 days, but it’s close enough for most purposes.

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