Constant Mass Op/De-Op

I’ve been getting this for a while now. Seems to happen multiple times daily. This scares me because:

My bot could be functioning as coded within the limits and then I could lose op, send another message, and get IP banned for something is not my fault at all? My logs show that once it happened 3 times within 28 minutes but usually its a few times a day. Example with the usernames removed:

[10/5 10:54:39]  jtv sets mode: -o user1
[10/5 10:54:39]  jtv sets mode: -o user2
[10/5 10:54:39]  jtv sets mode: -o user3
[10/5 10:54:39]  jtv sets mode: -o user4
[10/5 10:54:39]  jtv sets mode: -o user5
[10/5 10:54:39]  jtv sets mode: -o user6
[10/5 10:54:39]  jtv sets mode: -o user7
[10/5 10:55:35]  jtv sets mode: +o user1
[10/5 10:55:35]  jtv sets mode: +o user2
[10/5 10:55:35]  jtv sets mode: +o user3
[10/5 10:55:35]  jtv sets mode: +o user4
[10/5 10:55:35]  jtv sets mode: +o user5
[10/5 10:55:35]  jtv sets mode: +o user6
[10/5 10:55:35]  jtv sets mode: +o user7

As long as the broadcaster does not actively unmod you, this won’t happen. These +o -o messages are a bug in a server that tracks room state (who is in the room and what privs do they have) but the determination of whether you have privileges when sending a message/command is separate and reliable.