Creating an organization for my game (request got rejected)


I submitted a couple requests within the last month to create an organization for my indie game xRC Simulator. I originally tried making an organization using the name “xRC Simulator” but did not use the correct email address to submit the request (therefore the request was rejected). I then submitted another request with an email address on the domain for the org “Second Robotics xRC Sim” - this was rejected without reason as well. The rejection email just referred me to this forum.

My team wanted to add box-art and possibly experiment with extensions or drops as well, so I would appreciate it if you could get this sorted out for us. Thanks in advance!

I still have not gotten any response regarding what I need to do in order to create my organization on Twitch for xRC Simulator. If there are any other steps that I need to make in order to verify my ownership of this game, I can certainly provide them, but I have not heard anything from Twitch as of yet.

There was another thread on this forum a couple months ago that had a similar issue I believe, but that one got a response on the same day:

@SecondRobotics- Hi there!

It looks like your team may already have an organization- I would ask in your team as that’s why it was rejected.

Hi @ConcreteEntree, thanks for your reply.
This is definitely surprising news for our team, since we are unaware of any organizations existing already for our game (our team is very small). Could you tell us which Twitch account has ownership or what step we could do next to gain ownership?

Hi there- do you mind DMing me on Discord? Username is ConcreteEntree in the Twitch Developer Discord server. Thanks!

I resolved this over on Discord, thanks so much to ConcreteEntree!

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