Creating Projects (Tutorials and Boiler plate) always fails

Hey all,

I’ve setup Twitch Develop Rig today and installed Node (added to $PATH), but every time I try to make a tutorial project against an Extension I get the following error in the console:

ENOENT: no such file or directory, rename 'C:\{directory}\TwitchExtension\extensions-hello-world-master' -> 'C:\{directory}\TwitchExtension\extensions-hello-world'

This happens after hitting “Next” having selected for example “Getting Started”, “Hello World + PubSub”, etc.

When attempting to chose “User Boilerplate code” instead it just shows the screen below and freezes with no logs in the Developer Console

I’ve ran Twitch Developer Rig in Administrator mode too but having the same issue.

Anyone got any ideas what this could be?

Create a blank project.

And then add the files manually from GitHub.

Common issues for this is that git is not installed/available on path.

Ahhh yeah that was the issue, this isn’t my work laptop so Git wasn’t installed, after being a developer for so long I expect every machine to have Git installed :thinking:

Installed Git on this machine and all working now, thanks :+1:

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