Dashboard statistics

I need to get a dashboard statistics(like unique viewers, total time etc) or statistic of getting affiliate.
I know that it can be done by Twitch Kraken API, but i don`t understand how to get it, and make right request. No information in documentation about there specified requests.

headers_kraken = {
                'Accept': 'application/vnd.twitchtv.v5+json',
                'Authorization': 'OAuth ' + token,
                'Client-ID': client_id,

i`m using this headers, wait for your response

This is incorrect.

You cannot get this information from Kraken. (or the new API)

Becuase if those endpoints do exist, they are not intended for you to use.

You should only be using documented endpoints found on

Also refer to Legacy Twitch API v5 Shutdown Details and Timeline indicating when Kraken/OldAPI/v5 will be removed

any variants exist? how to check, does account have affiliate status?

The Get users endpoiint will return the users current status.

broadcaster_type that’ll let you know if they are affiliate or partner

i have tried but if account don`t fill affiliates form i cant check, it has affiliate status or no

If the paperwork is not completed and accepted by Twitch.

Then the user is not an affiliate.

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