Dev flow for overlay from game?

I have an online game that uses GameSparks that supports callbacks, webhooks, etc.

What is the flow if I want to do this - I’m really confused where to start. The API docs are nice, but there’s really no friendly quickstart that I could find:

Think sort of like hearthpwn: I want users to be able to hover over an ability and I’d show the name + description (a learning mechanism for viewers).

You can cache stuff on pubsub right? It’s essentially a mini server, from what I can see?

I was thinking to prevent API spam, when the user starts the game, I could send class ability info to pubsub to cache. Then whenever a viewer hovers, it’d grab the info from ability1, ability2, etc and just display it on the screen.

What are the requirements for this? Well, In-game,

  1. I’d need to know the gamer’s Twitch info - enough to send a POST to the pubsub to cache class ability info. 2. Do I just need their Twitch ID?
  2. What’s the best way to obtain this - via oAuth?
  3. Is there a recommended Unity plugin or should I do this server-side (GameSparks)?

Where do I even begin on this?

Heck, I’d pay if there’s a dev that’s interested in making this with some friendly code I can pickup myself in the future. I don’t have much, but could pay per-project (PM me “indie budget friendly” price).

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