[Paid] Hiring experienced overlay dev for indie game (hover descriptions)

I would like an overlay (using the latest API ver) that:

  • A viewer hovers over an ability and it shows the description.

  • We will need to store either the Twitch ID on my server or the game player ID on Twitch’s server (PubSub?).

  • Ensure the streamer == the game player to prevent exploiting (in case we add user-specific info in another project).

Dev Req’s

  • Experience (1+ overlay) making a Twitch overlay that requires communication with a 3rd-party server (back-end) for player information using the latest API

  • Patience to help guide me through what I need to do on my side (set up callbacks and such). I’m an experienced back-end dev, so it shouldn’t be bad ;D

  • Excellent communication via Discord + well-documented comments.

If interested, please message me with your “indie friendly” price quote to implement the overlay and your estimated time to complete the project. Completion of this project may lead to an optional follow-up project to further enhance these features.

Some bonus perks = we’ll toss you a bunch of game keys and gold for our game and can put you in credits :wink:

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