Difference between recorded_at and created_at

When I fetch the metadata of a video, I see two keys:

  1. recorded_at
  2. created_at

I was wondering if someone can explain me the difference between the two. I could not find anything relevant on the github documentation page.

e.g. https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/videos/v22664427 endpoint gives me the metadata:

“title”: “game 1”,
"recorded_at": “2015-10-26T23:44:45Z”,
“game”: “League of Legends”,
“length”: 1710,
“delete_at”: “2015-12-25T23:44:45Z”,
“broadcast_type”: “highlight”,
"created_at": “2015-10-27T08:40:32Z”,

Note that I have deleted some unnecessary information from metadata to declutter this post.

That video is a highlight. “recorded_at” would be when the original broadcast was recorded and “created_at” would be when the highlight was created.

If you instead go to a past broadcast (where “vod_type” = archive), there will be only “recorded_at”.

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That makes sense. Thank you.
Was wondering if there is any official documentation that also mentions this? (Asking so that I can check up the documentation on my own next time)

Mentioning this specifically? I don’t believe so

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