Display chat bots own messages in client application

I have recently started teaching myself Java and I tend to learn best with an actual project to work on, having been a streamer in the past a chat bot/client seemed a logical idea (it’s something I know and also know the limitations I’ve found in other bots).

I got the bot connected and sending and receiving messages. Everything seems to work fine when the bot is responding to messages from other users(Posts messages to a simple text box), but there are no events fired when messages are posted from the bot account (using the bots chat box within Twitch. My assumption would be that this is because the IRC server isn’t seeing a need to send a response to the same account that sent the message, is this the case or is there something else I’m missing ?(highly likely given how new I am to this)

If the server is not sending the responses, what would be the correct way to go about posting messages from the bot in the text box within the client (using both the client itself to input messages and also the twitch chat window). So far all this has been achieved using the PircBotX library.

Thank you in advance for any help you guys can give, and if I have missed any information or posted this in the wrong place, please let me know.

A connections chat is not sent to itself.

So a second connection should see messages of the same user.

So your bot code should be able to see messages sent via the Twitch Chat box in a browser.

Sounds like your PircBotX is deliberately ignoring itself to stop feedback loops, as your PBX should be able to see messages sent from another connection

So on further digging…I’m even more confused. I had a look through the PircBotX event listeners to see if there was anything that was stopping it from responding to messages from the same account but found nothing.

I then went back to the first test bot I’d written using the example code from PircBotX and that actually seemed to work fine. I think the problem is that I was trying to split the functionality so that the display was handled in one class, the event listeners in another and then a main class to actually create an instance of the bot. Somewhere along the line I guess I misinterpreted something and assumed that because it was responding just fine to input from other accounts that it was working fine.

I guess this is what happens when you blindly try and fumble your way through teaching yourself Java. I guess it’s back to the drawing board :slight_smile: Thank you for the response

Why does your bot need to see it’s own messages/messages from itself sent on another connection?

I wanted to create a chat client as well for viewing/posting messages so I can keep everything in one easy to read window. When I’ve been streaming in the past I’ve found that I’ve needed several windows open just to keep track of/display everything so I wanted to see if I could keep it to one window if I could.

I think you are over complicating by trying to login to twitch yourself as the bot to send messages as the bot.

So you only need Twitch Chat open as yourself/the broadcaster, which is available in the dashboard which should have everything you need

I do have a habit of over complicating things to be fair. I guess as much as anything with this though, it’s a project to keep my my brain active, it won’t necessarily have a practical use at the end of it (besides learning a little more about java) but it will keep me occupied while all the other IRL nonsense is going on around me.

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