Display Name Tag?

Is the Display Name tag for Twitch IRC forced now? It used to be blank if a user didn’t set it, but I tested creating a new account and not messing with the formatting and the name showed up just fine in the tags, just of course lowercase.

I’m not seeing any empty display-names anymore so it looks like something changed.

Good change though IMO since it removes the ambiguity about how developers should display those names.

Looking up a few users with the API who i know previously lacked a display name field as they never set it, they all now show as having a display name. I guess they’ve updated their user database and made it a required field now, with the default display name being the same as username.

Yea I figured as much, they also got rid of the “login” tag I used to go to if Display was blank, so maybe that’s why they got rid of login

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