Docs Update to Correct Config Page Fixed Height Sizing

Hi everyone!

We wanted to make you aware of a small update we made this week. When we ask you to provide the Config Path for your extension in the Dev Console, we noticed a discrepancy in what was listed for fixed height size (720px) versus what we’ve implemented to support showing (700px).

Today, we made updates to both the Developer Documentation and the description on the Dev Console (where you enter your config path under asset hosting) to be clear that fixed height is 700px, not 720px. While this is a fairly small size issue, we wanted you to be aware.

Keep in mind, since we have been showing configuration pages at a 700px height already, your extension config page shows the same today as it did yesterday. We’re merely updating our documentation to be correct!

If you believe this might impact how your extension configuration page is viewed, I’d encourage you to please take a look at it and update your configuration page at your leisure.