ESMTV Stream Controler

Hello Twitch Community, i dont know if this is the right place to share applications but i didnt found a better one :confused:
I made one application to help people make there stream management easier in order to not have 3 or 4 windows opened, hope you guys enjoy <3

Program Description:

Loggin System. Done!
Twitch Chat. Done!
League of Legends EUW and NA ping (This is suggested to changes including add more servers for more games if requested). Done!
Music Player . Done!
Instant Chat. Done!
Install/Start OBS. Done!
Install/Start TwitchAlert. Done!
Install/Start LolReplay. Done!
Auto Scan and Short-cut for World of Warcraft. Done!
Auto Scan and Short-cut for League of Legends. Done!
Auto Scan and Short-cut for Hearthstone. Done!
Auto Scan and Short-cut for Heroes of the Storm. Done!
Mp4 Player/Comercial Player. Done!
Now Playing open to add on stream. Done!
Follower alert. Done!

Download Link from SourceForge

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