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I have a problem regarding the removal of EventSub subscriptions. Back before I understood how the authentication system for the Twitch Api worked, I created a Twitch App, I subscribed to multiple events with that app’s token. Now that app is deleted (from the dev console), cause I needed to migrate the app to a different user account, but I am still receiving events from that app (in addition to the events from the new, migrated app).

To get rid of this, I have tried:

  1. went to the “settings → connections” for the account to which these events have been targeted to try to disconnect the app (revoke the token), but that was unsuccessful, cause of this:

  2. I tried to get a new App Token for this deleted app, to delete the subscriptions manually, with my client id and secret (cause if the events are being sent, my guess was that the app might not have been deleted properly), but no, Twitch just gives me back a 400 (invalid client).

Can I somehow get these subscriptions to be canceled, cause otherwise all the events are doubling up?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @olivermingles,

Please copy/paste this post in an email to and include any further information to help us resolve the issue such as the Twitch account that owned the deleted client id as well as the client id itself if you had it recorded. We’ll then follow up on the email thread, thanks!

will do!

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