EventSub Challenge request can not reach my server

Hi! I developed a web server using django, which is running on an aws EC2 instance and used it to process the callback request.
I can pass the testing about challenge and notification events using twitch CLI, but after I sent a subscription request, there is no challenge verification that reached the callback url.
I’ve used some third-party application to confirm that the URL can be publicly accessed.
Can anyone give any suggestions? I’ve checked all the posts regarding this problem, but none of them fit my situation…

Is your server usinmg a Self Signed SSL Cert or a real SSL Cert? Self Signed are not accepted.

The CLI won’t check certs as it will consider certs installed to your system.

A callack has to be

  • over ssl
  • preferably “standard” port (443) to avoid schnangians
  • using a real SSL cert
  • uses a “domain name” and not an IP Address

Hi, my server is using a real SSL cert signed by InCommon RSA Server CA.
I think it’s using SSL over 443 port?

And I’m using domain name, not an IP Address.

So we know it works from the CLI and your machine.

And you appear to have a real SSL cert.

So is is your AWS firewall? And only you are allowed thru your firewall?

Your callback needs to be web accessble by anyone, since Twitch Eventsub doesn’t have “fixed” IP addresses that it calls from. So firewall would be my next suggestion. (Or the AWS routing rules equivalenet that I forget the name of)

Another thing to check, do you use any sort of redirection? If the Callback URL returns a 3xx redirect, the CLI can follow it to where it’s being redirected to, Twitch itself wont follow a redirect though and classes it as a callback verification failure.

Thank you for your reply! We are allowing almost all sources in the incoming rules and I have just confirmed that we do not have a firewall…

And any third party testing website can access our server so I think it may not be the problem of routing rules or firewall?

Thank you for your reply! I think we are not using redirection in the callback url… I tested it on a third party website reqbin and it just directly returns 200

I don’t suppose you have cloudflare in front of this?

Cloudlfare may block the requests thinkings Twitch is a bot (since it is)

We don’t explicitly use cloudflare…

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