EventSub - Channel Subscription Message vs Channel Subscribe

Hey there, I’ve got a question. I know that there are separate events for channel subscription message and channel subscribe, but I would like to know more info about the behavior of the events.

For example, I expect, that channel subscribe is fired always when the subscription starts. But the message is triggered by the user notifying the streamer with the message. The message event contains more info (cumulative_months, streak_months and duration_months).

What happens with these events when user subscribes for duration of 6 months? Will the channel:subscribe event get fired only once and will be the user able to trigger the message each month? And every time with updated cumulative/streak? Or how this behaves?

Basically I’m missing some subscriptionId to tie these information together, so I know which message is related to which subscription - i.e. when it ends and the user subscribes again in a few months, I want to differentiate and still track the cumulative/streak/duration metrics.

If a user purchases a 6 month subscriptions
The user can share it 5 times each other


1 channel:subscribe
up to 5 channel:subscription:messages

Since sharing is optional

Month 2 will tell it’s a 2 month streak, month 3 a 3 month etc

There is no such ID (to track an individual subscription).

A user is a sub or not a sub.
A user isn’t “on sub xxx” or “on sub yyyy” they are just are or are not a sub

You would have to make your own determination in your own tracking, probably using the user’s userID to track if they are had a gap in their sub in your own data collecting. (make sure the streamer knows what you are doing with their data)

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